Ugandan born Rose Kirumira is Senior Lecturer at the School Of Industrial and Fine Arts Makerere University, she completed her doctoral studies and received her undergraduate and graduate training at the same University. Rose Kirumira is one of the few Ugandan if not African contemporary female artists and sculpture specializing in the sculpture of the human form in wood normally with other media, clay and concrete.

Dr Rose Kirumira has initiated and participated in several art residencies in many parts of the world. Since 1995 she has coordinated within the Triangle Artist Trust Workshops and Residence Network for Africa. This work has provided her with in-country experience in Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Botswana. Working with some of the best artists in the African Residencies and the varied African experiences has greatly influenced and enriched Kirumira's work and has helped her style grow. The residencies also greatly informed her doctoral work, training and mentoring young up-coming artists. In her humble but incisive way, Rose Kirumira thinks this is her major contribution to the contemporary African art scene.